"Get yr tets out"...

What a terrible title - I am truly sorry for that one.

We at Barely Regal HQ have been busy cutting, pasting and...err... just cutting and pasting really. This time, we've made flyers into tetrahedrons (or "tets" if, like me, you're lazy when it comes to words of more than 3 syllables). If you see one about, pick it up and give it a shake. Magic will happen.

We've had some exciting merch/'promo stuff' deliveries over the past week or so - some of which include helium, harlequin-based stickers, and lots of shiny badges. I'm probably a little too old to get excited about Santa, but the Parcel Force delivery guy is an ample substitute.

So that probably gives a few clues away for what we've got in store for the Among Brothers EP show at Clwb next week. There's only one week to go, so that means a weekend hauled up at Musicbox, making sure we don't make the songs sound rubbish. There are still advance tickets for sale on wegottickets over HERE.

Here's the first song from the debut Among Brothers EP, Homes, called Montgolfier.

Among Brothers - Montgolfier