First Listen: new music from Cousin and Olympians

Olympians print crop Once again, we've slipped into neglecting the blog somewhat, as a result of being on holiday (lame excuse) and working mad hours at our respective day jobs (slightly more reasonable excuse). We should probably get into more of a routine of actually telling you about things we're doing - I mean, it's probably as advisable as a record label to maybe mention when we have new releases out - but life seems to have a frustrating way of fucking with my plans to actually do that every time I try. But anyway, enough with the excuses. We have a double dose of new music for you this week, with streams of tracks by Olympians and Cousin, taken from new releases by each that will be out next Monday:


I've been throwing a whole load of adjectives about  while trying to articulate to friends just exactly how great this album is - writhing, twisting, groovin' - all fitting, but still not quite doing it justice. So I guess it'd just be loads easier if we let you listen to the whole thing and make up your own mind, which you can do via the handy playlist above. Musical Mathematics posted the stream first yesterday, along with some words by Chris from the band about writing and recording each track, which helps to put the whole thing into context. You can read that here, if you so wish.


The first track to surface from their new EP, 'Dance Like Everybody's Watching and They Hate You', you'll probably recognise this song if you've been lucky enough to catch Olympians live recently. Everything you already like (or hate) about Olympians, with an added mega-hectic (and really excellent) drum break in the middle. Both those releases are out next Monday (23rd March). Both bands are on tour in Europe in the next couple of  weeks (though on slightly different routings), full list of dates here.