'Fanatical Love' Up For Pre-order!

As if we weren't already in a good enough mood, what with Swn festival commencing in a mere 24 hours or so (!!!), we have some excellent news for you. As the title of this post rather succintly puts it, Kutosis debut album 'Fanatical Love' is now available to pre-order from their bandcamp now, including the super limited edition version which comes with a bonus DVD of all 10 videos for the album. All pre-orders come with an instant download of three tracks (Salton Sea, Shadows and Skin), a full download of the album sent to your inbox on the day of the release, and the album shipped the same day...not bad eh? More info on the release for the unconvinced here, (plus a preview of three tracks to wet your appetite above), but for those of you who are already reaching for your credit cards may I point you in the  direction of this appropriately capitalised hyperlink:


More news on both the launch parties for the album very soon, but until then if you need us we'll be somewhere on womanby street for the next 96 hours. See you at Swn!