End of a year

Plaids at About Time #3 Festival, photo by Andrew Northrop - http://andrewnorthrop.tumblr.com/ Plaids at About Time #3 Festival, photo by Andrew Northrop - http://andrewnorthrop.tumblr.com/

Now then. I'd meant to write a long rambling blog post about how last year was really great (which it was!) and kinda reinstated our faith and enthusiasm in running a label. It was going to be great - we were going to do end of year lists and everything - but then I forgot, so now you get this instead. Despite the fact that Record Store Day kinda fucked the first half of the year for us, we still managed to put out a fairly solid number of releases, at least for a little label like ours that's entirely financed by what little disposable cash we have. We put out our first 12" record release, and then two more almost immediately after that. We got asked by some of our favourite labels and bands to be involved in putting out some of my favourite records of all time (cheesy, but true) and we helped put on another multi-stage DIY festival. We've already committed to a fairly terrifying number of releases for the coming year, the first of which we'll announce later today. It's an absolute banger (if we do say so ourselves), and a band that I feel quite nicely bridges the gap musically between some of the bands we've released to date, particularly some of the more abrasive stuff we put out last year. You can listen to everything we released in 2014 on our Bandcamp, if you so wish.

Here's to a solid 2015.

P.S: in case anyone cares (which you almost certainly don't), this is probably my top 10 albums of 2014 list: Human Hands - s/t
Xiu Xiu - Red Guts Angel Classroom
Mr Mitch - Parallel Memories
Baton Rouge - Totem
Slackk - Palm Tree Fire
Yamaneko - Pixel Wave Embrace
The Bug - Angels and Devils
Acctress - Ghettoville
Owls - Two
Sun Kil Moon - Benji I say PROBABLY, because there's loads I'm sure I've forgotten, or still haven't gotten round to listening to. Also I didn't include our own releases.