Early Christmas Presents from BR

With everyone fleeing Cardiff to see families, consume roast dinners, and try to plan something not-shit to do for New Years, I thought we'd sign off with a blog post before we do the same. We'll still be in contact, and we've actually got a standard 'end of the year' blog post planned for sometime over the next couple of days, but till then here's an early Christmas present from us: As promised in a previous, christmas themed post, here's the link to our interview with local blog Cardiff-core. An excellent little feature about our upcoming compilation release in March, and generally a pretty interesting round-up of Cardiff labels and the local scene...complete with an audio interview with us both! It's a friend of ours blog, and well worth a read for local music news, so I'd definitely advise checking back as often as your bandwidth allows. Anyways, Merry Christmas from Barely Regal!