Capital idea

While most of our good friends spent last few nights preparing their livers for the Easter bank holiday, we’ve been spending our evenings beavering away late into the night preparing to announce our biggest (and possibly most exciting) show to date. It’s something we’ve been working on for bloody ages, so we’re pretty fucking stoked to finally be able to announce that on the 9th of May we’ll be teaming up with the lovely people at The 405 and The Old Blue Last to present a Barely Regal showcase in the capital, with sets from a number of our favourite bands and best friends from around the country:





If we haven’t already made it clear above, we’re pretty damn excited to be able to show off a number of bands we’ve had the pleasure of working with on releases in the past (and plan to work with fairly extensively over the coming months) to such a wide audience, or potentially wide audience if some of you actually turn up. If anything, it’s a shame we couldn’t squeeze more bands on to the bill, but we thought putting on a Barely Regal mega-festival might not be the most sensible choice for our first foray into promoting shows in London. One day eh?

Being the philanthropic types we are, we’ve decided to make the show a free show, which means you can reinvest the money you would’ve otherwise spent on entry in beers/buying merch and supporting the bands/lending us money for the megabus home. To tie in with the launch, we’ve put together a compilation of new and exclusive tracks from bands playing the launch, plus a few others that we’ll be working with throughout the year thrown in for good measure. You can stream and download the compilation for free from The 405's Soundcloud, which we’ve conveniently re-posted here for your listening pleasure: