BRistmas Cheer

Christmas and the close of 2009 is fast approaching. Brilliant news that it's now acceptable to eat mince pies, less brilliant news that my bank balance is depleting rapidly as a result of the financial pressures December inevitably brings (our heating bill is HOW much?!). It's been a while since we last posted on here, but rest assured that this is not in any way a result of christmas distracting our attentions, as we've been busy behind the scenes getting Barely Regal looking shipshape for 2010 and making frantic preparations for the release in March. The lack of postage is in part a direct result as well of the unbelieveable number of good gigs in Cardiff recently, which in combination with christmas shopping have bled me financially. Ironically the only gig I couldn't get tickets for last week was the FREE los campesinos show on Friday, which 'sold' out before I even knew it was happening. Isaac did however manage to get a ticket for that show (the bastard), and from his and other people's recollections of the show it sounded like it was a good 'un. One thing we did get up to last week amongst all the gig madness was doing an interview for a friend's project on the local music scene in Cardiff, which should hopefully be up on her blog in the very near future. Her whole project sounds pretty interesting and well worth checking out, with some cool little bits and bobs about the local scene, and interviews with a number of local bands (including the members of goodtime boys that aren't me!). I'll link that shit up when it's been posted, and hopefully post it up here as an audio-visual christmas present from us to you. It'll be our first video blog (vlog? blogeo?) appearance, so should be amusing if nothing else. Until then, here's a highlight from our interview to tide you over: Q: What sets barely regal apart from other labels? Isaac: The supid name. Me: Our unprofessionalism. Some good selling points there, I'm sure you'll agree.