I was fully expecting us to suffer from crippling procrastination of unimaginable proportions following last weekend's debauchery at End of the Road Festival '11, but on the contrary, as a result of this weeks endeavours we actually have our third piece of exciting news in nearly as many days to announce today. Following a few meetings, we finally have the wheels in motion to organise what will technically be the first Barely Regal tour, with Samoans and Kutosis co-headlining a bunch of shows across (hopefully) the width and breadth of the UK in November. Aside from sorting the shows themselves, high priority has also being assigned to thinking up an appropriate pun-based name for the tour - at the moment all I've got is 'Boozed up BRits abroad', so the aim is try and improve on that between now and November. Any suggestions welcome. We'll be giving them an appropriate send off as the first date of the tour is going to be Kutosis' album launch at Clwb Ifor Bach on the wonderfully symmetrical date of 11/11/11, which will hopefully make for an excellent start to what is already shaping up to be a rather great little tour, if we do say so ourselves. At the moment we're waiting for a few more confirmations before we start posting up the shows we've got booked so far, but until then, watch this space (or more specifically this space) for more news on live dates. If you're interested in booking both bands for a show (or US stadium leg of the tour if you're feeling particularly ambitious) then drop us an email at Edit: this post has been up for all of five hours and we've already had a pretty impressive response from promoters around the country, meaning we should be able to announce the first seven dates of the tour early next week. A huge thanks to everyone who's already got in touch and offered to put on a show, it's heartwarming to see people so eager to put on shows for bands we know and love. Still a few dates left to fill, so to any promoters reading this - keep the offers coming!