Book Club The Second

Following on from the news that Olympians will be playing our first show in London next month, we have yet more good news for fans of the math-rock quintet: the wheels are very much in motion for the release of the second track in the Olympians Book Club series, which will be out in late May. Current Book Club members can rest assured that they'll have the songs/CD to love and cherish well before the general public, and for those of you who haven't subscribed yet now is a perfect time to get involved (you can subscribe right HERE). In preparation for this event, team Olympians are hard at work putting together the video for the single, which mostly involves them defacing a book (see photo above), and then filming said book. Remember when people used to write stuff in school books like “turn to page 100” and then you would and there’d be a crude drawing of a penis? It’ll be sort of like that, only sped up, a lot more artsy, and with fewer drawings of penises. Or maybe more drawings of penises, we haven’t seen the finished product yet. Current book club members should keep an eye on their inboxes, which are about to be inundated with exclusive digital content to keep you going until the second single is out, we’ll be sending that all over very soon. The rest of you mere mortals will be able to stream the same exclusive content a few weeks after but never fear, if it motivates you to subscribe after that you’ll get all of that, and the “Great Gatsby” single, AND all the future singles and bonus crap with it. Basically everything we’ve released to date through the Book Club, and everything we intend to release for the foreseeable future. You’ll also get the smug sense of being a part of something exclusive to laud over your friends, which we’re throwing in for free for a limited time only.