Book Club Remixes

As we mentioned in our last post, ahead of the release of single two of four in their Book Club series,  Olympians will be posting a remix-a-day on their Bandcamp for the whole of this week. Kicking things off in an appropriately pop manner, today’s remix comes from James Elliot Field of Tubelord.  Being the talented bastard he is, he created this synth fuelled masterpiece from the back of a van when the two bands toured together in January. Current Book Club members, being the privileged individuals they are can bask in the warming glow of their own smugness at this point, safe in the knowledge that they heard this track over a week ago in the form of an exclusive download sent direct to their inboxes. If you want to get in on that shit, and/or feel that being able to stream James’ remix just isn’t enough, then you are in luck, as future subscribers will also get the download version of this track (and indeed, the other six remixes as well), plus all the future singles and bonus crap we’ll be releasing through the Book Club. To coincide with the remixes going up this week, we’ve also launched the Kindle Club eBook Club, being the digital version of the Book Club package. While we obviously want to try and encourage people to get the physical version where possible (just because the packaging is pretty great, if we do say so ourselves), we appreciate that some people may only be interested in the getting the music without all the additional trappings that go with it, so we thought we’d create an option for the digitally inclined as well. eBook Club members will get all four singles plus all the same digital content as normal members, just without the CDs, hollowed out book case, and print. You can subscribe to either the Book Club or eBook Club right HERE on Olympians Bandcamp. Or, if you feel you need a bit more convincing before parting with your hard earned cash then you can stream the shit out of the remixes we’ll posting all week via that same handy link.