Book Club #1 'The Great Gatsby' Out Today!

The first single in the Olympians Book Club series, "The Great Gatsby" is out today, available for you to purchase in a number of formats. For those of you that want to get hold of the tracks in the most instantaneous manner possible, you can buy the digital version of the single from Olympians bandcamp here, and from iTunes. For those of you that prefer your music in a format which is slightly less prone to magically deleting itself from existence whenever your computer decides to throw a tantrum, you can buy the CD version of the single here. The Book Club itself is still very much open to subscriptions, which will get you all of the above, plus the other three singles in the series well before any non-subscribing chumps, as well as a whole heap of other exclusive bonus crap that you can use to proudly display your love of Olympians. The lads have been busy this weekend preparing orders to go out (involving appropriate amounts of Barely Regal endorsed cutting, sticking and book-defacing), so if you've already subscribed (good on you!) expect some exciting incoming mail very soon. Valentine's day is tomorrow, so maybe you could purchase your loved one a subscription as a thoughful present that demonstrates you're into great music and clearly have a keen eye for interesting release formats. If you're not spending Valentines day with a loved one then maybe you can buy yourself to make you feel a little better about that fact (or at least to make me feel better). As if we hadn't already assaulted your senses enough recently with Olympians based-news, we'll have even more exciting announcements from them very soon regarding upcoming tours (where they'll be joined by some other members of the Barely Regal family), and the second single in the Book Club series.