Blue Monday

Because January is freezing cold and generally just a bit rubbish, the wonderful Jen Long (in her guise as Flux=Rad) is putting on a bit of a party next Monday at Undertone to help keep spirits high until the weather improves (which, judging by our last few summers, might be never). It'll be cheaper and less hassle than trying to trying to get hold of antidepressants, with the added bonus of live music. We're DJing (for the first time ever!), which means we should probably spend this weekend figuring out how to actually DJ. If watching us fail spectacularly at that doesn't convince you to come down, I don't know what will. The fall back plan is to just put on 'Some Kind of Cadwallader' in it's entirety and hope no-one notices. JUST JOKING JEN...we probably won't actually definitely more than likely have to resort to that.