Belated Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas from all of us here in the Barely Regal camp! A huge thanks to everyone that came to the Christmas show last Monday (unofficially titled the 'Barely Regal staff Christmas party'), and to all the bands for playing, all of whom were incredible. Pretty incredible to see so many people show up despite the financial and time pressures brought on by Christmas shopping, couldn't have asked for a more perfect end to a year of great gigs. More festive news from the Barely Regal camp: this Christmas our favourite prolific Italian, Alexander Comana, decided to undertake the pretty challenging project of writing and recording five Christmas songs between the 20th and 24th of December, a sort of condensed advent calendar feature. All five tracks (a mix of covers and original songs) are now up to stream/download on Alex's bandcamp: Aside from making for a good listen to get you in the Christmas spirit, the tracks are a great introduction to Alex if you’re not familiar with his solo work, and a nice pre-cursor to his single which we’ll be releasing early next year. Make sure to check them out in an appropriately festive fashion – gathered round the warming glow of the internet with your family (in lieu of a roaring fire), with mince pies and sherry.