Beastions / Whoa! Omega

Finding bands that fit well on a bill together but don't sound exactly the same can be hard work. Usually we've found that picking bands some kind of unifying factor beyond their music is quite a good shout - for example, bands that are good friends, or on the same label, or the first three search results when we typed 'bands wot r gud' into google. This time we decided that we'd put together a bill of bands that share the common personality trait that they are incredibly polite and well mannered in real life, yet ridiculously brutal on stage, sort of like a musical versions of Jekyl and Hyde. Having been privy to sets from the above gentlemen before, we can confirm that this mild form of schizophrenia actually makes for a really good show, with the polite conversation provided by amicable band members a necessary cool down from, or warm up to their really fucking intense live sets. Here's an example of Bastions demonstrating the Hyde facet of their collective personality in the rather great video for 'Visitant': Come down and witness this psychological phenomenon in action, all for the very reasonable (we think) price of £5.