BBC Introducing Take Two

Last night marked our second appearance on BBC Introducing Wales with Bethan Elfyn, this time is a slightly less promotional capacity (though shameless plugs were obviously made at every opportunity). Along with Romesh of Longwave Studios fame, we were tasked with listening to new tracks from the BBC Introducing uploader, and giving our opinions as a part of their brand spanking new 'Listening Post' feature. Despite the fact that I made almost entirely neutral comments, it was a really good laugh, and just not because of the incredible amount of caffeine consumed beforehand. Note to self: need to start learning how to say 'no' to caffeinated beverages. If you want to listen back you can here. To give you further confidence that we have actually been busy doing something other than procrastinating between blog posts, we recently did an interview with the excellent God Is In The TV. Some very interesting questions which really made us think (coming up with a description of our ethos which didn't make copious references to alcohol and coffee was difficult). You can read the full article here. Some exciting news to post about our upcoming second release VERY soon, and after banging on for ages about curating a venue at Swn this year we will at long last be announcing our line-up this SUNDAY! Even if the capital letters there didn't quite get across how ridiculously bloody excited we are about all that, the obligatory spamming that follows (facebook events, excessive tweets, dropping it into conversation at every opportunity etc) probably will.