Barely Sweaty

Our launch back at the end of April showed the louder side of Zero Years of Barely Regal, whereas our next show, Wednesday 16.06.2010 at Cardiff Arts Institute, shows the quieter side! Check out the links below to have a listen... Alexander Comana - is usually found to be playing guitar in Goodtime Boys, or singing and playing guitar/synth/piano in Among Brothers. At this show, expect a few different instruments, and maybe a guest Brother or two. Ratatosk - is one half of duo Right Hand Left Hand. Again, taking a slight detour to experimental post rock via Brian Eno, Matt Elliott and Dan "because 4 bands isn't enough" Barnett - will be playing a mixed set of Rescue Party, with some acoustic versions of some Samoans songs thrown in for good measure. Not to be missed! This show is free - so if you're not doing anything, come down. Compilations available at the show, too.