Barely Regal does Swn 2013

HI GUYZ. We're curating a stage at Swn again this year! We'll be at Fuel (NOT Undertone...) on Womanby Street on Saturday 19 October from 2.15pm. We've been fans of Swn Festival since it began, so we're absolutely honoured to be involved. It does so many great things for the city's music scene. Basically, Swn Festival is to Cardiff what Santa is to Christmas, so I think that makes us some kind of elf. Facebook event is HERE. The line-up this year features a few familiar faces, along with the likes of which you've never seen the likes of which - set times below: SUMMER GHOST - New solo project from Among Brothers frontman Alexander Comana. 2.15pm - 3pm HAIL! THE PLANES - Beautiful post-folk, now with added trumpet! 3.30pm - 4.15pm OLYMPIANS - Synth-drenched megatunes from Norwich's finest purveyors of power-pop. 4.45pm - 5.30pm AMONG BROTHERS - Cardiff's very own chamber-pop jerks. 6pm - 6.45pm CLAW THE THIN ICE - Grungey four piece from Manchester with epic tendencies and emotive lyrics. 7.15pm - 8pm NAI HARVEST - Scrappy emo duo from Sheffield/Manchester. 8.30pm - 9.15pm WELL WISHER - Manchester party-mo. 9.45pm - 10.30pm THEO - One-man math rock machine. 11pm - 11.45pm That great bloke Parkin did this great poster: Image