Among News Items

I have surpassed myself with this title; it is truly awful. I am writing this without having drank a cup of coffee in HOURS. I'm running on empty here. Can you tell? You may have guessed, but this is just a quick post to update the world with what's new with Among Brothers. We'll be playing a show with the amazing Hjaltalin in Buffalo Bar, Cardiff, on 5th March. Here's the poster. Look at those glorious beards.

As Jon, the pianist in Among Brothers, is off on his travels for a few months, we'll be joined by the lovely Faye of Lucky Delucci on piano. In other news, we've made a slight change to the Among Brothers Bandcamp page - the download version of the Homes EP is now "pay what you want". This means that anyone wanting to download all 5 songs can pay (optimistically) as much, or (realistically) as little as they want. All we ask is your email address and anything you'd care to give! Look out for more Among Brothers gig listings... more coming very soon.