Among Brothers in the studio

NOW THEN. Seeing as we (Among Bros) actually have some shows booked now for the coming months (more of which we'll be announcing tomorrow!), we thought it might be a grand idea to put something new out, seeing as our last release was a fair while ago. I mean, that's what the pros do right, release music and that? So, armed with just a handful of mics, boundless optimism and a shit tonne of coffee, we descended on our Musicbox this weekend with the intention of recording one of the new tracks we've been working on, dragging our good friends Kaye and Faye from Winter Villains to lend their violin and vocal talents respectively. Given that time was most certainly not on our side, we're pretty bloody pleased with the results. Isaac and Alex are still diligently working away putting the final touches to the song as we speak, but we (very nearly) have the finished product ready. We'll be releasing it in the next couple of days as a free download on our bandcamp/soundcloud, to give anyone that cares bit of an idea where we're going with the new material we've been writing. Until then, here is a video of Adam tracking drums as a relatively vague sneak preview: