Among Brothers EP Pre-launch at Clwb 17.12.10

Well, it's been a good month since we've posted here! I'm just about getting over my Swn hangover, where I feel almost normal again. We're really excited about this next gig. Not just because we're both actually playing it, but we recorded the EP with Among Brothers back at the end of August, and we've been absolutely dying to show everyone these songs! The EP is called "Homes", and was recorded by Charlie Francis at Musicbox studios, and mastered by Shawn at Optimum Mastering. The support comes from Hail! The Planes and Lucky Delucci - who definitely featured in my favourite bands of Swn 2009 (H!TP) and Swn 2010 (Lucky Delucci)... (ok, i'll shut up about Swn now). The official release date isn't until 24th January next year, but just for one night we'll be selling advance copies of the EP at Clwb, on Friday 17th December. I think this is also BLACK FRIDAY. I'm not sure what this actually means for the show - is it a good thing? Anyway, here's the poster (click the poster to go to the Facebook event) This poster is heavily inspired by (read: blatantly copied from) the artwork for the EP, which was done by the lovely Danny Quastrom, who's website you can find HERE. As it's near Christmas, and we're already beginning to feel generous, if you buy an advance ticket from WeGotTickets for £5, you get a copy of the EP on the door. That's right, for only £1 more you can get your hands on a copy of 'Among Brothers - Homes' before the official release in January. It's a win/win - if you like Among Brothers, you can get the EP for £1. If you don't like Among Brothers, buy an advance ticket anyway, and you can give the CD as a present to someone for Christmas, AND get entry into Clwb afterwards. Brilliant. Here's the link for tickets: See you at Clwb!