Barely Regal, meet world. World, Barely Regal.

Seeing as WordPress already attempted to get us started by politely doing our first post for us, I figure its time to get cracking on this. Where to start? Are we technically 'online' now, or does someone have to be reading this for it to count?   Anyway, yeah, introductions! Barely Regal Records = Matt and Isaac. We started a label as a means to release records by friends, and equally as a distraction from the pains of full time work. Things are still in the early stages at the moment, but this seemed like a good time to start a blog to keep people updated on progress. We're hoping to cement our place as a real life record label by putting out our first release out early next year, with the obligatory launch party, more on that later as it probably deserves its own post. Things are ticking over nicely at the moment with it though, and we still have A LOT to sort out between now and then.   Chances are its going to leave us incredibly poor, broken men, but we're both pretty excited about the whole thing. I guess starting out now when the role of record labels is coming into question is an exciting prospect as we have no idea where we'll be in a year or even a few months time. Plus Cardiff seems to be a great place for new ventures at the moment, there are all sorts of new club nights, zines, websites and bands popping up all over the's almost a bit overwhelming. In a good way.   Oh, and if anyone fancies getting involved with any aspect of things (promotions, web stuff, lending us money to pay rent) then definitely get in touch on, the more people the better. The gaps in our knowledge and wallets are plentiful (which, for any bands out there must fill you with confidence) so any help would be most welcome.   So thats the first post sorted, excellent. It saddens me that I've edited this about about 20 times and THIS is the best I could come up with.