2011 in pictures: January - June

2011 has been a particularly good year to us. We've more than tripled the number of releases to our name, had a ridiculous amount of fun doing so, and met a whole bunch of nice people doing good things (musical or otherwise). In particular, I feel like we've learned more about running a label in the last six months or so than we have done in the rest of the time we've been managing our humble label A huge thanks to everyone who has supported us in any way over the course of the last year, coming to gigs, buying releases etc,  and extra special thanks to everyone we've had the pleasure of working with so far, including bands, promoters, press people, venues etc...we're eternally grateful for your continuing patience and enthusiasm. So, as a bit of a reflection on what has been a pretty great 12 months or so, here is our year in pictures, a combination of photo and video evidence that 2011 was pretty damn awesome (July - December to follow). Disclaimer: something you should know about me (Matt) is that I have the seemingly uncurable afflication that I am unable to take a decent photo, so I can't promise that the assortment of blurry images below are in any way an accurate representation of the events they are attempting to document. However, thanks to the magic of the internet I have managed to steal a few videos and photos here and there which are half decent,  and possibly help put mine into context. Anyways, less talk, more photos...

Kutosis recording in January:

Among Brothers EP promos:

Samoans/SNFAS split release:

Among Bros/Holland April Tour:

Goodtime Boys May Tour:

Radio 1 Big Weekend:

Without Maps/Samoans June Tour:

July - December to follow...