New releases: Cut Ribbons - "Damascus"

After a somewhat quiet first half of the year it’s been all bloody go the last couple of weeks, with a mountain of spam we’ve been sending your way about new releases, gigs, new additions to the family and the like. Continuing that trend today, we have yet ANOTHER release to announce, being the new single by mega-pop five piece Cut Ribbons!

Continuing our somewhat incestuous relationship of swapping bands with tape label Kissability, we'll be putting out Cut Ribbons latest offering “Damascus” on the 24 September, which will be out digitally and as a limited edition run of 7” vinyl singles.

Ahead of that date, You can stream the single and pre-order the 7” from our online store HERE, which comes with an instant download of both tracks from the single. If the music alone isn't enough to motivate you to reach for your credit card, just take a look at the artwork. Seriously, look at it:

That’s a picture of Llanelli apparently. Discuss.

The Cut Ribbons single brings us to a total of four releases coming out over the next month or so (and also an aesthetically pleasing 9 releases on our online store front), and still another four new additions to the family to announce before the year is out. Hectic, in the best possible way.